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ERE (2023)

This is an experimental music album produced by contemporary artist Dayou Geng and jazz composer/music producer Shaw Yuan. The entire album combines instrumental, synthesizer, and electronic music to create a state of confusion, jumping between a bright vision of the future and its absurd negation. We expect the audience to confront the absurdity of this time and here, and to jump out of the quagmire of nihilism.

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EREWHON (2022)



Geng Dayou


Exhibition Address:

Duration: 2022/4/17  ——  ?

<The Wall Street Journal China>  


"It is the first virtual solo exhibition of young artist Geng Dayou, who explores the technical boundaries of the Spatial-Web to construct a massive multiplayer online (MMO) theatrical environment for relational aesthetics, and it is also the closest contemporary art practice to the metaverse under the current technology." 


WSJ China Artical Link:

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Print, A5, p144

Press below to view some pages

To buy please contact Dayou 

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Other mediums: 圖片
Styx River (2021)


100 x 100cm

it is a set of video records of performing arts. The artist himself regains the educated respect for the flame through direct contact between the body and the flame, through the feeling of pain. The flame ignited by the liquid fire (alcohol) became the source of reverie like a candle on the table. It recorded the portrait of the flame before his death, and also recorded the moment of the artist's struggle when he was burnt.

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Performance Photography, Virtual Installation

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RIPPLES (2021)


VAULT Festival 2021

Director/Deviser: Xi Chen

Dramaturg: Dayou Geng

Performer: Gaurav Singh Nijjer
Performer (in the video): Julian Zhang, Styles Li
Sound designer: Trevor White
Composer: Mingji Wang
Visual designer: Effie Gu
Costume designer: Jaxi Liu
Deviser: Jiuming Duan
Graphic Designer: Yitong Feng
Videographer: Leo Zhu

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Other mediums: 影片


Two-channel Video, 3840 x 2160 (4K), 16’06, 16’06

Sound: Shaw & Dayou

Shaw: Chinese jazz guitarist/composer/producer and jazz researcher. Double M.A. in Jazz Guitar and Music Production.

Shaw 公众号:

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Dayou Geng(Game/Sound Design)Mingxuan Xie(Programming/Graphics)

The core game mechanics:

1. WSAD walks around. Space jump, F key to eat or open the door, F5 refresh the level.

2. Food and satiety value: You will get food in a specific room (the room where you go up initially) to fill up your satiety value. A low satiety value will affect your vision.

3. Room: The game consists of multiple rooms that are similar but have different internal structures and are connected to each other.

4. Doors: Each room has a certain number of doors, and some doors can go to the next room.

Mingxuan Xie is an indie developer and architectural designer, founder of mixed-reality studio Vrch and co-founder of Hyperbation art duo. Having been trained as an architect and worked for world-leading architectural firms, he is now a cyberspatial architect who experiments with mixed-reality technologies (AR & VR) to remix, recreate and rediscover architectural spaces, and to explore architecture as a new form of Gesamtkunstwerk in the post-human and post-digital contexts.

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Human Workshop Game Play

Other mediums: 影片
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