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Contemporary Art

Geng Dayou (1998). Artist-Curator, currently lives and works in Shanghai. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from King’s College London, and a master’s degree in contemporary art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, his main research field are theatre of cruelty, video games and curation.

Dayou is deeply influenced by Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology and mysticism. His works involve mediums such as installation, performance, moving-image, print, theatre, video games etc. Regardless of the medium, his works can all be understood as a series of poetic and humorous theatrical performances, through the deconstruction and reconstruction of ready-made and natural materials, to reproduce the cruel and absurd tragedy of life from the abstract theatrical landscape.

His solo exhibition "Eternal Recurrence" was held at 33ml Off-space (Shanghai), works

have been exhibited in The Coningsby Gallery (London), CouttsArt Center (Shanghai), Powerlong Art Museum (Shanghai), Fibre (Shanghai), All Club (Shanghai), No Space (online), Three Shadows Photography Art Center (Beijing), Guardian Art Center (Beijing), etc.

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