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Dayou Geng(Game/Sound Design)Mingxuan Xie(Programming/Graphics)

The core game mechanics:

1. WSAD walks around. Space jump, F key to eat or open the door, F5 refresh the level.

2. Food and satiety value: You will get food in a specific room (the room where you go up initially) to fill up your satiety value. A low satiety value will affect your vision.

3. Room: The game consists of multiple rooms that are similar but have different internal structures and are connected to each other.

4. Doors: Each room has a certain number of doors, and some doors can go to the next room.

Mingxuan Xie is an indie developer and architectural designer, founder of mixed-reality studio Vrch and co-founder of Hyperbation art duo. Having been trained as an architect and worked for world-leading architectural firms, he is now a cyberspatial architect who experiments with mixed-reality technologies (AR & VR) to remix, recreate and rediscover architectural spaces, and to explore architecture as a new form of Gesamtkunstwerk in the post-human and post-digital contexts.

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