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VAULT Festival 2021

Director/Deviser: Xi Chen

Dramaturg: Dayou Geng

Performer: Gaurav Singh Nijjer
Performer (in the video): Julian Zhang, Styles Li
Sound designer: Trevor White
Composer: Mingji Wang
Visual designer: Effie Gu
Costume designer: Jaxi Liu
Deviser: Jiuming Duan
Graphic Designer: Yitong Feng
Videographer: Leo Zhu

Theatre: Welcome

Xi Chen

Xi Chen is a London-based theatre-maker and director originally from China. She trained at the MFA Advanced Theatre Practice in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

She is interested in exploring non-verbal performative pathways that reveal what lies beneath the surface of our perceived interpretation of life. How does our empirical experience of our environment differ from those around us? Her work explores the boundaries between technology and bodies through physical performance, projection and exacting imagery.


Theatre: 文字
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