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Contemporary Artist-Curator

Geng Dayou (1998) is an artist who currently lives and works in Shanghai. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from King's College London and a Master's degree in Contemporary Art from the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London.

Geng Dayou's artistic practice revolves around exploring hidden emotions

and collective memories within public domains. He employs various mediums

such as installations, video, sound, and electronic games to recreate multiple

scenarios with a touch of absurd humor and theatricality. Through his work, he

extracts and distills various paradoxes of modernity.

Current Solo Exhibition at ShanghART m50: When no one is around, dance gracefully.

Solo exhibition "Eternal Recurrence(2021)" was held at 33ml Off-space (Shanghai)

Solo exhibition "Erewhon(2022)" was held online. Please see 

Group exhibition: Ws Space x Shanghart (Shanghai,2023),East Gallery(Nanjing,2023),Baidu Xirang(Online,2022)、SpaceArtDao(Online,2022)、Vault-Fringe Future Festival (London,2021)、Guardian Art Center(Beijing,2021)、Three Shadows Photography Art Center(Beijing,2021)、All Club(Shanghai,2021)、Fibre(Shanghai,2021)、Powerlong Art Museum(Shanghi,2021)、CouttsArt Center(Shanghai,2021)、Slime Engine(Online,2021)、The Coningsby Gallery(London,2020)。

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